Covid 19

As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds in the UK, our main priority is ensuring the safety of everyone who comes to one of our food banks – whether it’s someone needing help, someone volunteering their time, or someone making a donation.

Things are changing quickly, so we’ll keep this page updated regularly with information about what’s happening in our food banks in Bodmin, Camelford and Wadebridge, what to do if you need support from our food bank, and what you can do if you’re able to help.


All of our Foodbank centres and drop-ins are now closed to the general public.

We will be delivering foodboxes, instead of people coming to us to collect them.

Vouchers will now be issued electronically from your referrer straight to the foodbank.

Make sure you give them your telephone number so we can arrange delivery!

We will then contact you to arrange a safe delivery, leaving your parcel outside your home. We are unable to bring it inside for you, sorry!

All sites, including our main Wadebridge hub, will not be open to the public. If you wish to make a food donation, please leave this in one of our supermarket collection boxes, or there will be a trolley outside our Wadebridge hub. If you need access to the Foodbank to deliver a large donation, please telephone first.